Origin  Venezuela

Price  $$$$$

ABV  40%

Ageing  Non-Ageing Statement

Cask  Former bourbon casks, unspecified size

Complimented Cocktail  Mai Tai


















This Venezuelan rum was established in 1959 as part of a partnership between Seagram’s and several local rum distilleries. Eventually, Seagram’s sold its stake. But that didn’t stop Diplomático from continuing to grow. And rightfully gaining a reputation for creating one of the best rums in the world, now owned by a group of Venezuelan investors.

Diplomático rums are distilled using a rich variety of methods, including various continuous column stills for light rums, batch kettles for intermediate rums, and pot stills for more complex rums. This is Diplomático’s most distinguishing feature, in my opinion, heavily influencing its taste.

Reviewing rums is quite a challenge due to the high volume produced worldwide that are not similar in many ways. Factors considered are location, the type of raw materials used, the fermentation process, distillation method, ageing process, and blending. The rum market has had a boost in demand for at least three years now, telling us that we are seeing greater complexity in order to tend to a more sophisticated palette.

The production technique of Diplomatico rums are very varied and complex; For me, it’s an art.
Tito Cordero

Master Blender, Diplomático


Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of 20% light column distilled rums with 80% pot still rums, giving the drink complexity and refinement. The Venezuelan rum is made from both molasses and sugarcane honey- another distinctive characteristic.

Once the smooth liquid hits the glass, you appreciate the deep mahogany colour of the rum that comes from ageing up to 12 years in former bourbon casks. You start to smell the aroma of a fresh espresso,  dominated by toffee and chocolate and a sweet nose with a few astringent notes. I know that the rum is aged because I encounter the soft woody fragrance even though the age of the rum and barrel size is unknown- quite important information related to the final product.

I truly expected this rum to have more body, but instead, I was hit with a mellow sweetness. I have to admit I am a sweet enthusiast. So for me, this rum is almost perfect. For others maybe, it could be too sweet, considering that every 100ml contains 4 grams of sugar.

The hints of the toffee, brown sugar, coffee, liquorice and orange peel surface once the first sip hits your tongue. I am quite astonished by the complexity and richness of this rum. The sweetness complements the spiciness giving off a pleasantly warm tingle. The aftertaste is long and elegant; the cinnamon, in particular, is refreshing in contrast to the sweet taste of dried fruits.

I later mixed it and discovered the Mai Tai cocktail is perfectly complemented by Diplomático.

Overall, this is one of the best rums I have ever tasted. I would always prefer to enjoy Diplomático neat or over a clear ice ball, the glass coupled with a fine Cuban cigar.


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