The communities around the Escuela de la Montaña are located in a region that has been devoted to the cultivation of coffee for over 150 years. Coffee production in Guatemala started in the 1850s and it became Guatemala’s main export crop by the end of the 19th century (80% of exports).

The typical coffee plantation tour in Guatemala includes a visit to fields, with views of distant volcanoes, and continues to areas where the beans are dried and processed, and ends with a cup of fresh Mayan brew.

The Mayan Cold Brew cocktail was created with the love of gin and coffee combining Tanqueray London Dry Gin and the new method of cold brewing Guatemalan single origin coffee. What gives the cocktail complexity is the light smokiness of the Mezcal with delicate fruit notes and agave flavour. The wet climate of Guatemala brings full body, low acidity and the chocolate sweetness to the beans which goes very well with the dry Tanqueray. The lemon juice and the agave syrup brings more balance to the concoction, making it the perfect accompaniment at a party or in the front of the fireplace on a harsh winter day.

Method  Shake

Glass  Double old fashioned + clear ice cube

Garnish  Slate tray + coffee beans

Initial ABV  19.15 %

Dilution  27.3 %

Final mass  165 ml

Final ABV  15.04 %


30 ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin

30 ml Zignum Mezcal

20 ml fresh lemon juice

30 ml agave syrup

20 ml Guatemalan cold brew coffee

1 bsp (bar spoon) dried hibiscus


  1. Paul

    fire place…harsh winters day…Mayan Cold Brew…mmmmmmm

    • alexbostan

      For me, that is the perfect setup!


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