Hesperides. 1: a legendary garden at the western extremity of the world producing golden apples. 2: the nymphs in classical mythology who guard with the aid of a dragon a garden in which golden apples grow.

I created this drink for my first competition, the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASSback in 2016. I associated the use of homemade quince jam with the ancient Greek myth about the Garden of Hesperides, as the mythical golden apples that granted immortality were quinces. Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario, a blended, spiced and sweet Guatemalan rum aged in white oak casks, lends the drink a smooth vanilla, cinnamon and tobacco flavour, which combines beautifully with the subtle citrus notes of the Grand Marnier, and the acidity of the homemade cherry bitters and Bols Cacao Brown liqueur infused with lime, orange and grapefruit peel. An easy drink accompanied by three edible gold marzipan apples, best served after dinner, its colour represents the Hesperides: the nymphs of the evening and golden light of sunset.

Method  Stir

Glass  Cordial

Garnish  Edible gold-painted marzipan apples

Initial ABV  26.4 %

Dilution  13.21 %

Final mass  110 ml

Final ABV  23.4 %


40 ml Zacapa 23

20 ml Grand Marnier

10 ml Bols Cacao Brown

4 dash cherry bitters

2 dash citric acid

2 bsp (bar spoons) quince jam


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