Traditionally made with brandy or whiskey, one of the Daisy’s earliest known recipes was published in 1876 in the second edition of New Yorker Jerry Thomas’ The Bartenders Guide on How To Mix Drinks: The Bon-Vivants Companion, has been described as a sour with added fizz. This tasty cocktail offers a modern twist using a spicy blend of juniper and quince, and neatly blended with herbal and floral notes.

This was one of my first cocktail creations using genever for which I competed in the Bols Around The World with. The genever has a spicy palate with hints of pine, citrus and liquorice. It has a strong ginger finish that is marvellously softened by the floral and herbal undertones of the Green Chartreuse sourced from the French Alps, fresh lemon juice and homemade spicy quince syrup. The malty taste of the base spirit is lightened with the egg white, keeping the liquid delicate and silky. The full-flavour profile is complex but smooth, balancing out with a delicate herbal aftertaste. With a 16.23% ABV (alcohol-by-volume— considered a low-alcohol drink if it is under 20%) and herbal content, it’s a very good cocktail to have as a digestif in summer.

Method  Shake

Glass  Coupe

Garnish  Edible flowers + juniper berries

Initial ABV  21.73 %

Dilution  33.67 %

Final mass  154 ml

Final ABV  16.23 %



40 ml Bols Genever

15 ml Green Chartreuse

15 ml fresh lemon juice

15 ml homemade spicy quince syrup

1 egg white


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