The Romanian autumn consists of long, warm evenings and crisp mountain air around the rural Transilvania where I am from. This ideal fall cocktail features spiced pear syrup made of pears from my Grandmother’s country home, genever, lemon and grape from the Lillet Blanc. It will have you basking in the seasonal flavours and atmosphere.

It was my second time around with this signature cocktail at Bols Around The World, that I won a seat in the top 70 bartenders across the globe. It is a simple yet classic combination that sends us to the kitchen. The homemade spiced pear syrup helps highlight the strong spicy taste of the Bols Genever. The sweet, floral taste of the Lillet Blanc– a blended wine-based apéritif from Bordeaux- completes the autumn picture starting to take shape. The finish is smooth and clean, with a pleasantly aromatic and refreshing aftertaste.

Method  Stir

Glass  Coupe

Garnish  Lemon zest + edible flower

Initial ABV  22.69 %

Dilution  24.8 %

Final mass  162 ml

Final ABV  18.20 %


50 ml Bols Genever

25 ml Lillet Blanc

30 ml homemade spiced pear syrup

25 ml lemon juice


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