I’m a hospitality and F&B specialist who shares observations, creations and insights of the food and beverage industry as well as providing unique services. I am an intrepid bar-hopper and foodie who expresses myself through interaction and experimentation.  My aim is to inform and entertain.

Here’s a longer, more formal version…

  • Engages with like-minded industry leaders from around the world
  • Discovers insight, processes, key trends and context
  • Creates and modifies a range of food and beverage recipes
  • Reviews, interprets and provides professional opinion to the current environment


Alex Bostan has been working in hospitality since 2010 and studied a Master Mixology diploma at Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam. From that time, he has acquired both knowledge and experience in the luxury five-star hotel and resort niche, throughout Europe and Australia.

Alongside ex-Savoy Lee Kelly, Alex opened up YTL Hotel’s five-star Monkey Island Estate, Bray,  as Head Bartender in charge of running its numerous bars and creating the cocktail menu with home-grown flavours from the Estate itself.

With a degree in International Hospitality Management (University of Surrey), Alex is now the Food and Beverage Manager in charge of Pullman Magenta Shores Resort, AccorHotels, in New South Wales: a Finalist in 2016, 2017 and 2020 for the HM Awards for Hotel and Accommodation Excellence.

From within his office and throughout his gastronomical endeavours, Alex has witnessed the latest hospitality trends and sources. He uses his findings to directly influence his own style as he looks for new experiences, teachers and concepts.

Alex constantly applies his knowledge and curiousity, turning his passion into a lifestyle. His reflections and services are shared here.


Mr Bostan is a wonderful, competent bartender with an extensive knowledge of drinks and, most importantly, the demeanour and professionalism that every server should have.


Miruna Szilvásy

Co-Owner, HOF Cafe

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